Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekly Construction Update

Thank you to all that were involved in last week's groundbreaking ceremony - it was great to see the whole town come together to celebrate the success that we have had so far!

Starting this week, I will be providing a weekly update on construction activities that are occurring on site as provided by our construction team.  This week's activities include:
  • Stripping, stockpiling, and trucking of loam is ongoing
  • Excavations for new foundations are underway
  • Reinforcement of existing foundations close to construction activity will be completed in the coming weeks
  • Temporary and permanent drainage measures including structures, piping, and stormwater basins are ongoing
  • Utility work will ramp up in the coming weeks
  • Installation of limited block site retaining walls is scheduled to commence in mid-April
  • Continued preparations for the commencement of concrete footings and foundations in the third week of April
The picture below, taken from Mr. Murphy's office this afternoon, shows the earthwork that is continuing on site - it's hard to believe how much the landscape has already changed in such a short period of time!

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