Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekly Construction Update - May 23, 2017

Work continues to proceed at a rapid pace on the high school project, and we continue to meet the key goals of being on schedule and on budget.  At last Thursday's Building Committee meeting, it was reiterated that the project was 28% bought out at this point, and that we continue to track well for the future.

Taken from Mr. Murphy's Office

Here is the weekly itemized list:

  • Final re-use of soils and exporting of the remaining stockpile is underway and will continue through early June.
  • Street cleaning and catch basin maintenance along River Street will be ongoing throughout spring and summer construction activities.
  • Site retaining walls are being installed along the west and north/west corners of the site to provide construction access around the building footprint.  This work will impede access to Alumni Field for a short duration in early June.  This will be coordinated with School Department activities.
  • National Grid is engaged and working with the project team to provide temporary and permanent gas and electricity to the site and new building.
  • The tie-in to water service in River Street is complete and service is run into the new site.
  • Excavations for new foundations and footings are ongoing and on schedule.
  • Concrete footings and foundations and underway and on schedule in areas throughout sectors C, D, E, and the south high wall is sectors A and B.
  • Waterproofing and damproofing of foundations, and subsequent back-filling, is underway and will follow foundation installations around the site.
  • Steel remains due onsite June 26, beginning in area C, at the end of June.  It is anticipated that a second crane will be added to the site just after July 4 to help speed steel erection.
  • Steel and elevated concrete floor decks will be completed through the summer and into fall 2017.

Taken from the Special Education Office

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