Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Weekly Construction Update - May 9, 2017

Work continues to move along well for the new Billerica Memorial High School, and one of the most exciting things is that we have had an opportunity to have our project team work with some of our students from our senior Engineering Design class.  Students from the class got a chance to visit the site on Monday afternoon:

Beyond that, the scope of this week's work is similar to the past few updates:

  • Stripping, stockpiling, and trucking of loam is nearing completion.
  • Street cleaning and catch basin maintenance along River Street will be ongoing throughout spring and summer construction activities.
  • Site retaining walls remain underway and will continue in the coming weeks.
  • Excavations for new foundations and footings is ongoing and on schedule.
  • Concrete formwork and pours along the south wall of the new building, and into the southern two academic pods, are underway.
  • Concrete deliveries will continue to ramp up over the coming weeks and continue through summer.
  • Steel is expected onsite, beginning in area C, at the end of June.
  • Steel and elevated concrete floor decks will be completed through the summer and into fall 2017.
Finally, one more picture taken of the site - this one taken from Mr. Murphy's office this morning:

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