Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekly Construction Update - June 27, 2017

Yesterday marked another big milestone in the BMHS project as the first steel was erected on site!  It was amazing to see how much work was done in just one day - and it will be even more amazing for students and teachers to see what will be done when they come back from summer vacation!

The first beam being lowered into place at 9:00am

A view of the site at 2:45pm the same day

Here is this week's update on site activity:
  • New gas and electrical service coordination is ongoing with National Grid and is nearing completion.
  • Alumni Field's water service has been restored and the field is accessible.
  • All temporary stormwater facilities are in place and functioning and have performed as expected through recent rainfall.
  • Waterproofing and insulation of the foundation, then backfilling, compacting, and grading is underway in the academic wing of the building (sectors C, D, and E).
  • Foundation in sectors A and B are ongoing and are nearing completion.  Similar to the Academic wing, as these areas become complete, waterproofing, insulation, and backfilling will be underway.
  • Setting in structural steel base and leveling plates is underway throughout the Academic wing.
  • Setting of steel columns and structure began on June 26 and will continue through winter.  Approximately six truck deliveries per day will feed onsite steel progress 5-6 days per week through summer.
  • Completion of foundations in July will turn attention to pouring of the first concrete slabs both on grade and on completed elevated decks, starting in area A.

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