Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekly Construction Update - July 31, 2017

Work has continued to happen at a rapid pace on the high school site throughout the summer, and steel work is continuing to proceed very well!  Since these stories are best told through pictures:

 View from the southwest corner of the site

 Looking at the two southern academic wings (areas C and D)

Panoramic picture from the west side of the site 

 Looking down the main hallway of the academic building from the north

Looking at the steel for the academic areas (C, D, E) from the east

Here is the list of construction activities for the coming week:
  • Site utilities are ongoing
  • Temp storm water facilities are in place and continue to function as expected
  • Under-slab coordination is complete; Slab On Deck ("SOD") pours are scheduled to start within the next week and Slab On Grade ("SOG") pours following in early August
  • Foundations are 99% complete
  • Continued waterproofing, insulation, backfilling, compaction, and grading operations are ongoing throughout the site
  • Structural steel is complete at building C, nearing completion at building D, and underway at building E.
  • Coordination of brick and mortar selection, as well as planning for important masonry detailing, is underway with the masonry trade contractor
  • Mock-ups for masonry selection and ultimately all other facade materials are in the planning stages as the applicable sub-contractors are bought out
  • Items expected to commence in August include spray-on fireproofing ("SOFP") and roof blocking with main branches for HVAC and Fire Protection following towards September 

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